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How to Appeal a FEMA Decision

Updated :: Mon, 10/27/2008

If you have received a denial letter from FEMA and wish to appeal, the first thing to do is let them know your intentions by calling 1-800-621-3362. After that, complete the following steps:       
·          Ask for the exact forms you should fill out.
·          Explain in a signed, dated letter why you think the decision about the amount or type of assistance you receive is not correct.  
·          Include the FEMA registration number and disaster number (shown at the top of your decision letter) in your letter of appeal.
·          Provide photocopies of your social security card, your driver’s license, a utility bill or other proof of residence, bills or estimates from contractors, and any photos of your damaged property.
·          Mail to FEMA-National Processing Service Center, P.O. Box 10055, Hyattsville, MD 20782-7055. 
·          All appeals must be postmarked within 60 days of the date of the decision letter’s date. 
·          FEMA states you are notified by mail “usually” within 30 days following receipt of your request.
·          While all appeals are handled through mail, it may be helpful to go to a Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) near you to present your documents to FEMA officials for review before sending.  To locate a DRC, visit www.houstonhurricanerecovery.org/node/35 
Documents required checklist:
For occupancy verification:
-         Utility bill dated within 90 days prior to disaster
-         Landlord declaration with name and phone number
-         Merchant receipts/mail addressed to applicant at residence
-         Employer's pay stub showing employees home address
-         Current and valid driver's license
-         Current and valid voter's registration
For proof of ownership:
-         Deed or official record
-         Mortgage payment book
-         Real property insurance
-         Tax receipts or property tax bill paid by applicant
-         Quitclaim deed, title or real estate proviso
-         Land installment contract
-         Death certificate or will
-         Maintenance receipts from pre-disaster major repairs
Insured Home:
-         Insurance denial letter including declaration page
-         Itemized insurance settlement letter including declaration page
-         Proof of no coverage for 'additional living expense (ALE)' or Loss of Use
-         Proof of forced mortgage payoff (lender requires proceeds to be used as payment)
Lodging expense reimbursement:
-         Receipts with applicant name, motel name and phone number, dates of occupancy, daily expenses itemized
Home repair:
-         Appeal letter from applicant listing damages not addressed by inspector
Other Needs Appeal:
-         Verifiable receipt of purchase
-         Letter from physician of medical condition and need for equipment
-         Verification of occupancy and identity
-         Proof of ownership (title)
-         Proof of registration
-         Proof of liability insurance
-         Estimate of damages from reputable, licensed mechanic
For more information, visit http://www.fema.gov/news/newsrelease.fema?id=46727



Checks can be made payable
to Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund:

Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund
c/o The Greater Houston
Community Foundation
4550 Post Oak Place
Suite 100
Houston, TX 77027

Mayor Bill White has
established a relief fund to
help fill unmet human needs
for victims of Hurricane Ike in
Houston, and Harris and
Galveston Counties and other
affected areas. The Fund is
being administered by Albert
Myres, senior vice president
at Reliant Energy, with
fundraising and distribution
overseen by a special citizens
advisory board. The Fund is
now accepting donations and
is assessing humanitarian
needs. People are asked to
mail donations to the above
mailing address or donate
online at the above website.

The Gulf Coast Ike Relief
Fund is modeled after the
successful Katrina/Rita Fund,
which was also managed for
the region by Myres.

To contribute online please go
to www.ghcf.org and then the Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund
DONATE NOW button.

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